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Rock Rattle N' Roll
Pat Benatar Memorabilia Collection

All Pat Benatar items listed below are authentic and very limited. We do not carry multiple items. All prices and availability are subject to change. All prices include shipping and handling for all USA customers. All other destinations will require actual shipping cost to complete transaction. Have a question? Ask us before purchasing the item. Thank You.

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Pat Benatar - 45 Picture Sleeve

Pat Benatar Autograph Heartbreaker US 45 Picture Sleeve

Description: Heartbreaker US 45 Picture Sleeve. Signed by Pat Benatar in black sharpie pen. Personalized to Jamie.

Note: Item signed by Pat Benatar while on her 1993 US tour. Signed at Deep Ellum Live in Dallas Texas.

Toal Price $74.99
Shipping Included

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Pat Benatar - Concert Photo Sets

Pat Benatar 1980 Crimes Of Passion Tour

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